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ORIC International (“ORIC”) is recognised as the leading operational risk consortium for the (re)insurance and asset management sector globally. We are a not for profit community of operational risk professionals working together to advance operational risk measurement and management through the anonymised and confidential exchange of operational risk intelligence between member firms.

An introduction to ORIS

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ORIS is ORIC’s market leading platform for operational risk professionals, delivering data, content and benchmarking services. ORIS delivers a comprehensive set of solutions which helps firms to identify and address uncertainty. These solutions are designed to empower operational risk professionals, their business and their Board in the identification, assessment, management & measurement, monitoring and reporting of the operational risks they face. ORIS Solutions available:

  • Consortium Data: An anonymised dataset of peer risk event data (i.e. real life losses and near misses) that ORIC member firms have experienced, the majority of which are not in the public domain.
  • Public data: A dataset of over 15,000 risk events from the financial services sector which are in the public domain, where the firm that experienced the risk event is known.
  • Scenario Universe: Benchmark scenarios that firms are using with details specifications.
  • Scenario Library: 200+ technical insurance scenario specifications mapped to relevant risk events and key risk indicators.
  • Taxonomy Solution - The ability to map the output rom ORIS to your firms own taxonomy, meaning that these do not require translation for internal business use.
  • Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Library - Circa 2500 details KRI specifications, which will help your firm to identify appropriate KRI's and calculate these consistently.
  • Industry Risk Profiles - The ability to map all of the above information to a customisable risk profile matric and compare your own loss profiles. 

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