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With more than 17,000 risk events, discover how ORIC International's rich operational risk loss dataset could benefit your firm.

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Discover more about our annual capital benchmarking survey for insurers and investment managers.

Connecting Dots


Discover how ORIC International's benchmark scenario universe and scenario assessment database can be used to enrich your scenario programme.


Discover what risks Insurance and Investment Management firms are  considering as part of our most recent Emerging Risk Industry Survey.

Land Mining


Obtain instant access to our up-to-date library of over 2,400 detailed operational risk KRIs.

Refresh your risk framework using our KRI library. Access a  complete specification for each KRI, including a detailed definition, measurement specification and usage guidance.



Explore the latest news and trends in Operational Resilience and discover how ORIC International could help your firm.


With more than 52,000 risk events covering the Insurance, Investment Management and wider (banking, non-financial services) industries, the ORIC newsflash service is one of the most extensive public operational risk datasets in the world.


Access a suite of data-led risk intelligence to transform how you manage non-financial risk. We draw on an industry-wide pool of expertise to provide essential data, insights, analysis, and tools to our member firms. As a member, you automatically receive all our core services.


Empower your firm with data-led risk intelligence


Data is the cornerstone of our risk intelligence. We collect data from our member firms to create rich insights into current operational risk practices.


Joining our network gives you access to this member-only data and broader knowledge and expertise in non-financial risk. Our comprehensive services help your firm handle emerging risks, operational resilience, and the other key challenges your firm faces.


With data-led risk intelligence, you can improve your firm’s risk management capability and become more resilient.





Our membership spans over 40 firms (across 59 brands) worldwide, while the largest member holds £1.1T of assets under management.



Risk events


Refresh your risk framework from over 49,000 public newsflashes and 17,000 member-submitted risk events.


Use our extensive database of risk events to update your assessments and modelling. We deliver powerful insights into industry losses with data only available to firms in our network.





Validate your risk assessments using our award-winning scenario universe.


Discover your scenario coverage compared to over 2,700 scenario data points totalling over £62 billion in severity loss assessments. We provide customised reports highlighting potential gaps and benchmark your firm against its peers.



Emerging risk


Explore the emerging risk landscape with our emerging risk universe.


We've combined our inventory of 48 emerging risks collated from member firms with risks identified from external industry emerging risk reports. The emerging risk universe contains data-led insights from the World Economic Forum, government bodies, and management consultancies.



Capital Benchmarking 


Improve confidence in your capital model with our risk event data, capital benchmarking survey, and industry expertise.


Unlock data-led insights to validate your model's construction and its assumptions. With our annual capital benchmarking survey, you can compare and contrast your firm's model with the models of peer firms.



Key risk indicators (KRIs)


Refresh your risk framework from our searchable library of over 2,400 detailed KRIs.


As a member, you gain instant access to the indicators, making it easy to identify those missing from your risk framework. Each KRI has a complete specification, including a detailed definition, measurement specification, and usage guidance.



Operational resilience


Implement operational resilience changes with the help of our innovative benchmarking surveys and working groups.


Assess how close your firm is to meeting regulatory expectations through maturity assessments. In addition, we share the knowledge of industry thought leaders through our quarterly roundtable events to guide you through the regulatory requirements.



Trending topics


Gain new perspectives on critical issues that affect non-financial risk.


Expand your knowledge about climate change, global inflation trends, artificial intelligence, cyber risks, and other trending topics. Our members have access to a library of thought leadership articles and webinars to stay informed on the latest thinking.



Member benefits


Improve your firm’s risk management capability. As a member, you unlock the benefits of data-led risk intelligence pooled from our global network of over 40 insurance and investment management firms.



About us


We're a member-led firm that specialises in actionable risk intelligence. Our team help members develop their risk maturity through data-sharing, benchmark surveys, and analysis of best practices.


Become a member


Join our network and take advantage of actionable risk intelligence.



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