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Explore the emerging risk landscape with our emerging risk universe. This combines 48 emerging risks sourced from members with risks identified from external industry emerging risk reports.


 Enhance your risk framework with our emerging risk universe


Build a compelling suite of emerging risks using our insights from member firms, the World Economic Forum, government bodies, and management consultancies.


Evaluate your emerging risk coverage


Discover new emerging risks with an individual report assessing your inventory against our risk universe and your firm’s peers.


Develop a broader view of emerging risks


Identify emerging risks that peer firms have identified which are not captured by external industry reports and vice versa.


Improve your knowledge of best practices


Learn how other firms identify, assess, and manage emerging risks by collaborating in our annual survey and member forum.


Provide stakeholders with confidence


Reassure your risk committee, non-executives, and other stakeholders with authoritative insights into emerging risks.


Transform your approach with our comprehensive suite of emerging risks


Create a step change in how your firm identifies, assesses, and manages emerging risks. As a member firm, you can access new data-led insights and analysis.



 Client testimonial


“The team considers the emerging risk benchmark data helpful for reviewing how they compare to others, but also in terms of what other firms have faced that they are yet to have considered or experienced.”


Head of Enterprise Risk, Fidelity International





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