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ORIS is a market leading platform for operational risk professionals, delivering operational risk data and content solutions designed to support your firm’s achievement of business and regulatory objectives. 

ORIS delivers a comprehensive set of solutions which will help your firm identity and address uncertainty. These solutions are designed to empower operational risk professionals to help the business and their Board in the identification, assessment, management and measurement, monitoring and reporting of operational risk.


A Trusted Platform Providing Data Security

The technology delivering ORIS has been designed with a primary focus on data security.  The ORIS security controls protect user access and authentication, anonymous data submission, storage and analytics through the use of Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.

This technology ensures the privacy of member data by first encrypting the data and then limiting the decryption to members with their own private keys and also manages authentication of users at the point of log in.     

In addition to this overarching encryption method, the system also has end to end encryption and stringent user access controls including complex passwords, the use of memorable word and IP address range restrictions.


Data Quality

ORIC operates a dual validation regime that consists of both auto system validation at the point of submission and manual validation by ORIC staff to ensure that the data our members have access to is of a consistently high quality when it enters the database.

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