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RiskMinds Insurance 2019

Earlier this month, Paul Dolman and Michael Bartholomeusz attended the annual RiskMinds conference in Amsterdam, one of the premier risk management events for insurers. Speakers included chief risk officers from some of the largest global insurers, an ethical hacker and a serving officer in the British Army, with each providing their unique perspectives on the challenges faced in their different fields, and how the fundamentals of sound risk management hold true regardless of industry.

Michael Bartholomeusz moderated a panel of experts talking about the challenges and opportunities of sustainable investment strategies, a topic which is gaining increasing attention at the board level across our industry. Other themes discussed at the three-day event included cyber security, CRO strategies and business planning and effective communication of risk and uncertainty.

Events such as these serve as a good opportunity to continue to build ORIC International’s profile and network, and at the same time we gain insight from market leaders, technical experts and regulators into some of the evolving challenges facing our industry. The team at ORIC has worked hard to build relationships with several of the organisers of the flagship events, and we can therefore usually arrange a discount for our members on top of any standard discounts, such as early bird rates.

If you are interested in learning more then please get in touch with either Shahine or Paul.

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