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Operational resilience maturity survey. Benchmark your firm's position against peers

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Following the success of last year’s ORIC International and Sicsic Advisory joint surveys to assess firms’ progress against regulatory requirements, we want to continue to provide a benchmark on operational resilience maturity to participating ORIC member firms.

With that in mind, we will perform two assessments in 2023 – in Q1 and Q4 – with the first of these also focusing on the progress made to implement scenario testing. We’ll look at the sophistication of the scenario testing and its modelling, and also examine the level of severity of the testing performed.

The survey has now closed and will be holding our next industry call to discuss the results of the survey and allow participants to ask questions on Wednesday, 29 March.

The survey will provide participants with valuable insights, a benchmark of their performance

against their peers and help their firms identify areas for improvement. Importantly, participating firms also receive an individual report which provides them with a detailed analysis of their maturity against peers.

We encourage ORIC International members to take part in the survey and attend the industry call. To get involved in the next survey in Q4, please contact ORIC International: Chris Watson (

Dates to remember this quarter

20th Feb Survey launch

8th March Survey closed

29th March Industry call with respondents

3rd April Individual report provided to each participant

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