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Emerging Risk Summary Report Launched

We are delighted to announce that our emerging risk summary report 2019 is NOW AVAILABLE!

ORIC International conducted a survey earlier this year to establish the top emerging risks identified by our members. These results were anonymised by ORIC International to provide unique benchmarks provided in a full report, which has been made exclusively available to participating firms. To provide further value, ORIC International have benchmarked member submissions against emerging risks identified through other industry horizon scans, making this your one-stop shop to kick-start your emerging risk workshops.

This summary report highlights the process undertaken and showcases the high-level results including:

  • A breakdown of the results by source and PESTLE category (ORIC members vs. Industry scans)

  • An example data repository of the detailed findings

  • Example dartboard of ‘High Impact’ emerging risks

  • Example radars by PESTLE category

  • A template on how to conduct an emerging risk deep-dives

To get your copy of this complimentary emerging risk summary report, or to find out more about ORIC International and the resources available, please contact

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